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Seahorse Designs on Martha's Vineyard



Seahorse Designs is a new and small jewelry business located on Martha’s Vineyard. A somewhat zany partnership of two middle aged people who have approached this venture from different perspectives.

Anita Covelli started collecting sea glass and wampum as a child. The many escapades throughout her life as a horsewoman have lead to an admiration of nature and an eagerness to work with natural materials. This, coupled with an education in commercial art has led to her inventive style. Making jewelry started as a hobby and has grown into a full time passion.

Gerry Dowd is a semi-retired Island businessman whose interest is more technical/mechanical in nature. He enjoys the cutting and carving of shells and working with stone and metals. From this venture has developed a growing fascination with the historical significance of wampum.



Every piece of wampum is cut and finished by us, and comes from the quahog shells found around Martha’s Vineyard.

Our sea glass pieces have been selected from a collection that has been 40 years in the making. It’s fair to say that our sea glass has been picked from every nook and cranny from around the island. The lifelong collections of a couple of good friends have been added to Anita’s own. It is 100% authentic, and appears just the way it came from the shore.